Fred Powers and His Sixty Years in Business

Fred Powers and Sixty Years in Business

If you happened to be out walking near the Oval anytime in the first sixty odd years of the 20th Century, you would likely have run into Fred Powers, the Milford shop owner in the suit and bow tie strolling to work every day, returning home for lunch to his Summer Street house, and then on back to his store in the Stickney Building. 

In 1902, Powers began as a clerk at E. Armstrong and Co. but by 1911, he had bought out the business and set up shop as Power’s Men’s Store. Over the next six decades, Powers would make that daily trek during a span in which his first wife died in the Spanish Flu and he remarried Suzie Bazin of East Corinth, Vermont a couple years later. A bit oddly, in 1924, he was forced to sell his business to Irving Webb and then actually remained on as clerk in the store. But nearly four years later he bought it back and remained in business until his death in 1966.

This location persisted as a place to find clothing as Jane Wright moved her Wright’s Fashion shop from 16 Nashua Street to this spot on the Oval in 1966, offering clothing for women and girls. Ten years later, it was still a clothing store, called Teri-Anne’s. And most recently the location housed “I Do, Again” specializing in bridal wear. 

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