The Milford Drive-in

The Milford Drive-In

The Milford Drive-In opened in 1958, capitalizing on the craze of the drive-in movie. Construction was hurried. After clearing some land off Elm Street, a single wooden screen was thrown up along with a refreshment booth and a dirt parking zone. “Up until the last minute, we were getting speakers out and getting other things ready,” manager Sidney Goodridge told the Milford Cabinet. Opening Night came before the place had been completely painted or the 500-car parking area was treated to avoid dust flare-ups. Perhaps surprisingly, the theater is still going strong today.

In the early days, the Drive-In advertised double features, usually an "A" movie (From Here to Eternity and Peyton Place topped bills in 1958) and a B picture (such long-forgotten films as Camp on Blood Island or Fire Down Below, for instance). In addition, the Drive-In originally hosted other forms of entertainment. With summer shows not starting until dusk, the owners tried other warm-up acts while the sun went down. The first summer in business, the Drive-In hyped “P.J.’s Rock ‘N Roll Jamboree,” perhaps a bit of an overstuffed title for local disc jockey Percy Howze’s “record hops.” 

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